Thursday, 9 June 2016

Java EE Training Institutes in Chennai

Java EE Training in Chennai

This comprehensive Java EE Training in Chennai toolkit covers all aspects of the Java EE enterprise application development concept and provides a solid foundation to any individual wishing to pursue a career as Java EE Developer.

This Java EE Training in Chennai course has been designed to provide an end to end overview of the enterprise web application development process from the initiation of a development to maintenance. It will provide the tools and frameworks to help an individual navigate through each phase of a development and identify issues that have the potential to jeopardise the project's objectives.

Java EE Training Mode

Am I eligible for the Java EE Training Course?

Entry to this Java EE Training course is based on each applicant's merits and work experience and is ideally targeted toward the individual who actively engages in core Java Development experience or must finished course in Java Training in Chennai.

How long is the Java EE Training in Chennai course?

This Java EE Training course is 9 weeks.

Java EE Training Course Assessment

To be awarded the Java EE Training in Chennai particpants will be required to successfully complete two pieces of course work (30%+70%).

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